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a — Property, class Box2DAS.Common.b2Sweep
A — Property, class org.flixel.data.FlxKeyboard
a0 — Property, class Box2DAS.Common.b2Sweep
aabb — Property, class Box2DAS.Collision.b2AABB
AABB — class, package Box2DAS.Collision
AABB(l:Box2DAS.Common:V2, u:Box2DAS.Common:V2) — Constructor, class Box2DAS.Collision.AABB
abortTween(target:Object) — Static Method , class stencyl.api.engine.Script
abs() — method, class Box2DAS.Common.V2
abs(v:Box2DAS.Common:V2) — Static Method , class Box2DAS.Common.V2
abs(N:Number) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxU
AbstractReader — Interface, package stencyl.api.io
accelerate(angle:Number, speed:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
accelerateX(dx:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
accelerateY(dy:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
acceleration — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
How fast the speed of this object is changing.
accepts(type:String) — method, interface stencyl.api.io.AbstractReader
accepts(type:String) — method, class stencyl.api.io.ActorTypeReader
accepts(type:String) — method, class stencyl.api.io.BackgroundReader
accepts(type:String) — method, class stencyl.api.io.FontReader
accepts(type:String) — method, class stencyl.api.io.SoundReader
accepts(type:String) — method, class stencyl.api.io.SpriteReader
accepts(type:String) — method, class stencyl.api.io.TilesetReader
active — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2BodyDef
active — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
If an object is not alive, the game loop will not automatically call update() on it.
actor — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.behavior.ActorScript
Actor — class, package stencyl.api.engine.actor
Actor(game:stencyl.api.engine:GameState, ID:uint, groupID:int, x:Number, y:Number, layerID:Number, width:Number, height:Number, sprite:stencyl.api.engine.actor:Sprite, behaviorValues:Array, actorType:stencyl.api.engine.actor:ActorType, bodyDef:Box2DAS.Dynamics:b2BodyDef, isSensor:Boolean, isStationary:Boolean, isKinematic:Boolean, canRotate:Boolean, shape:Box2DAS.Collision.Shapes:b2Shape, invisible:Boolean, typeID:int) — Constructor, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
actor1 — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.Joints.b2JointDef
actor2 — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.Joints.b2JointDef
actorA — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Collision
actorB — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Collision
actorID — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.scene.ActorInstance
ACTOR_ID — Static Property, class stencyl.api.data.Game
actorIDs — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.QueryProcessor
actorIDs — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.RaycastProcessor
ActorInstance — class, package stencyl.api.engine.scene
ActorInstance(elementID:Number, x:Number, y:Number, layerID:Number, angle:Number, groupID:Number, actorID:Number, behaviors:Array, isCustomized:Boolean) — Constructor, class stencyl.api.engine.scene.ActorInstance
actors — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
actors — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.scene.Scene
ActorScript — Dynamic Class, package stencyl.api.engine.behavior
ActorScript(actor:stencyl.api.engine.actor:Actor, scene:stencyl.api.engine:GameState) — Constructor, class stencyl.api.engine.behavior.ActorScript
actorsOfType — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
actorsOnScreen — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
actorsToCreateInNextScene — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
actorsToRender — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
actorType — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.scene.ActorInstance
ActorType — class, package stencyl.api.engine.actor
ActorType(ID:uint, name:String, groupID:Number, spriteID:Number, behaviorValues:Array, bodyDef:Box2DAS.Dynamics:b2BodyDef) — Constructor, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.ActorType
ActorTypeReader — class, package stencyl.api.io
ActorTypeReader() — Constructor, class stencyl.api.io.ActorTypeReader
actualHeight — Property, class stencyl.api.data.Game
actualWidth — Property, class stencyl.api.data.Game
add(b:Box2DAS.Common:V2) — method, class Box2DAS.Common.V2
add(a:Box2DAS.Common:V2, b:Box2DAS.Common:V2) — Static Method , class Box2DAS.Common.V2
add(b:Box2DAS.Common:V3) — method, class Box2DAS.Common.V3
add(a:Box2DAS.Common:V3, b:Box2DAS.Common:V3) — Static Method , class Box2DAS.Common.V3
add(Object:org.flixel:FlxObject, ShareScroll:Boolean) — method, class org.flixel.FlxGroup
Adds a new FlxObject subclass (FlxSprite, FlxBlock, etc) to the list of children
add(Data:Number) — method, class org.flixel.FlxMonitor
Adds an entry to the array of data.
add(Object:org.flixel:FlxObject, List:uint) — method, class org.flixel.FlxQuadTree
Call this function to add an object to the root of the tree.
add(Core:org.flixel:FlxObject) — method, class org.flixel.FlxState
Adds a new FlxCore subclass (FlxSprite, FlxBlock, etc) to the game loop.
add(b:stencyl.api.engine.behavior:Behavior) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.behavior.BehaviorManager
add(element:Object) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.HashSet
Adds an element as a member of this set.
addActor(actor:stencyl.api.engine.actor:Actor) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.scene.Region
addAlwaysOnActor(a:stencyl.api.engine.actor:Actor) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
addAnim(name:String, imgData:any, frameCount:Number, frameWidth:Number, frameHeight:Number, durations:Array, looping:Boolean, shapes:Array) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
addAnimation(Name:String, Frames:Array, FrameRate:Number, Looped:Boolean) — method, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
Adds a new animation to the sprite.
addAnimationCallback(AnimationCallback:Function) — method, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
Pass in a function to be called whenever this sprite's animation changes.
addBackgroundLayer(layer:stencyl.api.engine.bg:Area) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.bg.ParallaxArea
addBehavior(b:stencyl.api.engine.behavior:Behavior) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
addBitmap(Graphic:Class, Reverse:Boolean, Unique:Boolean, Key:String) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
Loads a bitmap from a file, caches it, and generates a horizontally flipped version if necessary.
AddBody(body:Box2DAS.Dynamics:b2Body) — method, class Box2DAS.Controllers.b2Controller
addCaller(p_scopes:Object, p_parameters:Object) — Static Method , class caurina.transitions.Tweener
Adds a new caller tweening.
addComponent(c:stencyl.api.engine.gui:Component) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.gui.Panel
addContact(point:Box2DAS.Dynamics.Contacts:b2Contact) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
AddController(c:Box2DAS.Controllers:b2Controller) — method, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2World
addEventListener(type:String, listener:Function, useCapture:Boolean, priority:int, useWeakReference:Boolean) — method, class Box2DAS.Common.b2EventDispatcher
addForegroundLayer(layer:stencyl.api.engine.bg:Area) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.bg.ParallaxArea
addFrame(Frame:Class, ScreenOffsetX:uint, ScreenOffsetY:uint) — method, class org.flixel.FlxGame
Adds a frame around your game for presentation purposes (see Canabalt, Gravity Hook).
addHUDActor(a:stencyl.api.engine.actor:Actor) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
addJoint(j:Box2DAS.Dynamics.Joints:b2Joint) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
addKey(KeyName:String, KeyCode:uint) — method, class org.flixel.data.FlxKeyboard
An internal helper function used to build the key array.
addLeadingZero(n:Number) — Static Method , class stencyl.api.engine.utils.Util
Formats a number to include a leading zero if it is a single digit between -1 and 10.
addLoadedBitmap(Graphic:flash.display:Bitmap, Reverse:Boolean, Unique:Boolean) — Static Method , class org.flixel.FlxG
addMembers(value:Object) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.HashSet
Adds the members of another collection.
addObject() — method, class org.flixel.FlxQuadTree
Internal function for recursively navigating and creating the tree while adding objects to the appropriate nodes.
addPointToCurve(controlX:Number, controlY:Number, anchorX:Number, anchorY:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.Graphics
addPointToPolygon(x:Number, y:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.Graphics
addRegion(r:stencyl.api.engine.scene:Region) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
addTask(task:stencyl.api.engine:TimedTask) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
addTerrainRegion(r:stencyl.api.engine.scene:TerrainRegion) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
addToList() — method, class org.flixel.FlxQuadTree
Internal function for recursively adding objects to leaf lists.
addTween(p_scopes:Object, p_parameters:Object) — Static Method , class caurina.transitions.Tweener
Adds a new tweening.
AddUnsigned(lX:any, lY:any) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.Script
adjustAlphaContrast(amount:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
adjustBrightness(r:Number, g:Number, b:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
adjustContrast(r:Number, g:Number, b:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
adjustHue(degrees:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
adjustLocationForAllSounds(time:uint, volume:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.Script
adjustSaturation(s:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
alignment — Property, class org.flixel.FlxText
The alignment of the font ("left", "right", or "center").
_alignment — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.gui.Label
The text alignment
A_LIST — Constant Static Property, class org.flixel.FlxQuadTree
Flag for specifying that you want to add an object to the A list.
allActors — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.GameState
allBodies — Property, class Box2DAS.Controllers.b2Controller
allowSleep — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2BodyDef
_alpha — Property, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
alpha — Property, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
Set alpha to a number between 0 and 1 to change the opacity of the sprite.
alpha — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.Graphics
_alpha — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.scene.Layer
alpha — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.scene.Layer
alpha0 — Property, class Box2DAS.Common.b2Sweep
_alphaCT — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.scene.TileLayer
ALT — Property, class org.flixel.data.FlxKeyboard
alwaysSimulate — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
alwaysSimulates() — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
anchor1 — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.Joints.b2JointDef
anchor2 — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.Joints.b2JointDef
anchorToScreen() — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
angle(n:Number) — Static Method , class Box2DAS.Common.M22
angle — Property, class Box2DAS.Common.M22
angle() — method, class Box2DAS.Common.V2
angle — Property, class Box2DAS.Common.XF
angle — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2BodyDef
angle — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
Set the angle of a sprite to rotate it.
angle — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.AngleHolder
angle — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.scene.ActorInstance
AngleHolder — class, package stencyl.api.engine.actor
AngleHolder() — Constructor, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.AngleHolder
angular1 — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.Joints.b2Jacobian
angular2 — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.Joints.b2Jacobian
angularAcceleration — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
How fast the spin speed should change.
angularDamping — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2BodyDef
angularDrag — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
Like drag but for spinning.
angularVelocity — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2BodyDef
angularVelocity — Property, class org.flixel.FlxObject
This is how fast you want this sprite to spin.
animateNumDisplayCharsTo(endValue:int, duration:int, startDelay:int) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.gui.Label
Animation — class, package stencyl.api.engine.actor
Animation(animID:Number, animName:String, parentID:Number, shapes:Array, looping:Boolean, imgData:any, imgWidth:Number, imgHeight:Number, durations:Array, framesAcross:Number, framesDown:Number) — Constructor, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Animation
_animations — Property, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
animations — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Sprite
animID — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Animation
animName — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Animation
anims — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
antialiasing — Property, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
Controls whether the object is smoothed when rotated, affects performance.
API — Property, class org.flixel.data.FlxKong
Stores the Kongregate API object.
APILoaded(event:flash.events:Event) — method, class org.flixel.data.FlxKong
Fired when the Kongregate API finishes loading into the API object.
Apply(b:Box2DAS.Dynamics:b2Body) — method, class Box2DAS.Controllers.b2Effect
applyColorDeficiency(type:String) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
applyFilter(filter:any) — method, class org.flixel.FlxSprite
applyFilter(bitmapData:flash.display:BitmapData) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
applyForce(base:Number, massFactor:Number, self:Boolean) — method, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.ContactEvent
Applies a force to the other body in the direction of the normal.
ApplyForce(force:Box2DAS.Common:V2, point:Box2DAS.Common:V2) — method, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2Body
applyImpulse(base:Number, massFactor:Number) — method, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.ContactEvent
Applies an impulse to the other body in the direction of the normal.
applyImpulse(dirX:Number, dirY:Number, magnitude:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
ApplyImpulse(impulse:Box2DAS.Common:V2, point:Box2DAS.Common:V2) — method, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2Body
applyImpulseInDirection(angle:Number, speed:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
applyMatrix(rgba:uint) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
applyTorque(torque:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.actor.Actor
ApplyTorque(torque:Number) — method, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2Body
Area — class, package stencyl.api.engine.bg
Area(bg:stencyl.api.engine.bg:ImageBackground, repeats:Boolean, width:int, height:int) — Constructor, class stencyl.api.engine.bg.Area
arrayContainsValue(arr:Array, value:Object) — Static Method , class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ArrayUtil
Determines whether the specified array contains the specified value.
arraysAreEqual(arr1:Array, arr2:Array) — Static Method , class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ArrayUtil
Compares two arrays and returns a boolean indicating whether the arrays contain the same values at the same indexes.
ArrayUtil — class, package stencyl.api.engine.utils
Class that contains static utility methods for manipulating and working with Arrays.
artist — Property, class org.flixel.FlxSound
The ID3 artist name.
asBoolean(o:any) — Static Method , class stencyl.api.engine.Script
Accepts a literal boolean or String boolean.
AssetLoader — Interface, package stencyl.api.data
Assets — class, package stencyl.api.data
Assets() — Constructor, class stencyl.api.data.Assets
Attribute — class, package stencyl.api.engine.behavior
Attribute(ID:Number, fieldName:String, fullName:String, value:any, type:String, parent:any) — Constructor, class stencyl.api.engine.behavior.Attribute
attributes — Property, class stencyl.api.engine.behavior.Behavior
autoDesaturate(bitmapData:flash.display:BitmapData, stretchLevels:Boolean, outputToBlueOnly:Boolean) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
autoOverwrite — Static Property, class caurina.transitions.Tweener
average() — method, class org.flixel.FlxMonitor
Averages the value of all the numbers in the monitor window.
average(r:Number, g:Number, b:Number) — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
averageFps — Static Property, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.Profiler
averageRGB2Alpha() — method, class stencyl.api.engine.utils.ColorMatrix
awake — Property, class Box2DAS.Dynamics.b2BodyDef
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